#PERSONALOPINION…i was disappointed to hear about the loss of 1/3 of The Beastie Boys, MCA…he’s a true legend, a true MC..growing up me & my sister (or if you wanted proper grammar, my sister and I) use to jam out to “Intergalactic” and pose thru the house like we were robots…later finding out that he was living with cancer concerned me (as a fan) but i always imagined those boys touring like Led Zeppelin…(sigh) to soon for us to lose this guy…i wanted to post “Intergalactic” but youtube is saturated with remixes and bad tributes…so i present another favorite…the visuals are bugged…these dudes are something else..Our prayers go out to Adam Yauch’s family and close friends..i grew up on beastie.. -R. Papillon, SYNDICATE RAP RADIO.COM