Looks like Kanye and the boys are rolling out their “Cruel Summer” compilation album with the newly popular “Mercy” video..The visuals show the Chicago rapper with his signees Big Sean, Pusha T, (I think that was Kid Cudi dancing around in the back) along with the assistance of their Def Jam label mate, 2 Chainz in what looks like a European car garage (may have been all Green Screen)…they went for the Black/White look and doubled-up special effects in post production which gave the illusion of the artist being in more than one place at the same time and have it look realistic at the same time (to a degree)…The #SWERVE effect was #RAW too..it’s surely one you’ll like if you’re into G.O.O.D Music..#PERSONALOPINION…The video’s #DOPE..i like it..they kept it simple but still had some edge..what trip me out though was the fact they’re all dressed like Mortal Kombat fighters..#HA…stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!