The Detroit MC/ XXL Magazine 2012 Freshmen, Danny Brown drops a new visual for his this piece he enlightens the public of his up-bringing and his “thoughts” on growing up to be “The Greatest” (self-proclaim)…but none-the-less the video is straight #DOPE…we at Syndicate Rap Radio! love innovative videos with a “Funky” a message, like this one…Danny Brown is truly an artist that has been grindin’ for a while now and has blown out of his city with the sound he represents all-his-own; not really an over night success (Google ’em), his musical skill landed him a deal at Fools Gold Records (Last Year) and he is making the follow-up to his “Black and Brown!” EP soon to be released…for now check out the “Grown Up” video… the video…The folks over at Scion Audio/Visual Comp did a great job with this one…to be honest I’ve ignored a lot of the “Danny Brown” hype before but tuning in lately and i’m giving  dude his props…he’s a MC..but my dude is extra #WEIRD with that style, and at times the hi-pitch frequency flow he be on can be a little annoying..but i see where he’s coming from..much respect to the Detroit rhymer and his camp..and shout out this n**** after that back-in-forth interview with his fellow rhymer A$AP Rocky… stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!