Well we knew that the two ATL rhymers would have something to say in response to Gucci and his rants toward the two…here’s the high-lighted detail of their responses (videos below)…Question: It seems like the flame between Jeezy and Gucci Mane…it seems like somebody poured a lil gasoline on this again.. Jeezy: I feel like everybody know that boy Retarded, Aint Nobody taking him seriously, man…he got a Ice Cream cone on his face, lets be for real…and then it’s crazy, cause they’ll call you and want you on a songs..and when you don’t get on songs this what happens..he ain’t take his medicine that day…Short Bus Shorty! (#MEANING: That N**** mad cause he broke and he’s a nut job that no one is paying attention to)…and heres a lil something from T.I.’s interview on the issue…QuestionApparently Gucci Mane had basicly said he’s got a situation going on with him and Jeezy..(while cutting off radio personality) T.I: You know what?..I think you just ended it right there..You just said it all!..I’m focused on that sack (money sack), Champ!..(#MEANING: he don’t see the situation as a big issue and he’ll leave that to Jeezy & Gucci)…Well Gucci invited both these Gentelmen to the Release Party for his “Trap God” mixtape tonight in Atlanta…lets see if something pops off!…we’ll keep you posted..stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!…#PERSONALOPINION..TIP trying to act like that wasn’t s***…but i dont blame him…cause if he were to get invovled that would be another prision term for homeboy…and Jeezy just live with it, he dont care about the situation and he was trying this n**** Gucci…called the man a Nut Job…lol..talking bout been to the mental hospital 3 times…and how no grown man put a damn ice cream cone on they face…#TRU..Wonder if them boys will show up to that “Trap God” release party tonight..