Looks like 2 Chainz rocked out Howard University the other day..this concert bit was shot by Sharod Marcus Simpson (an up & coming videographer..he did some commercials, a few music videos, and it looks like he’s 2 Chainz camera guy as of lately)…2 Chainz did What he does best and gave his audience a #GOOD show..he also had guess appearances drop in..1st his G.O.O.D Music fam, Pusha T came and performed some of their shared-records, trading verse for verse entertaining the crowd…and he later brought out Mr. OVO, Drake to perform as well..a true moment of entertainment..and the frames it was shot in were #DOPE..this was captured by Sharod Marcus Simpson and Syndicate Rap Radio! applauds the work put in on the visuals for this project..be on the look out for more video work from dude in the near future…stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!..#PERSONALOPINION..2 Chainz is good for a live performer…still no lyricist though..and how are Pusha & Drake @ the same show?..hmmm?..I wonder if some words were exchanged backstage..you know these two got issue with one another..