After BG caught 14 years in prison (recently), Juvenile continuously dropping material, & Lil Wayne & Baby becoming Forbes listers, we’ve forgotten about the missing link, Young Turk…aside from his 8 year,10 month bid (Damn!), phone interviews, and giving Lil B a pass in New Orleans, Turk gives insight to his release, New music and auto-biography he wrote while incarcerated…No news from Cash Money yet, he said he was waiting on a call from Mack Mane about that..check out the New Orleans “Hot Boy” Interview on Syndicate Rap Radio!…#PERSONALOPINION..shout out to dude, Turk…that dude started his bid when I was in Grade School..#DAMN…ima be on the look out for some new music from dude..#FREEBOOSIE #FREEB.G.