What the f*** is a Trinidad James?..Shout out to my homie aL for even entertaining the investigation on who dude is…I almost ignored it, but when I seen his video (which is posted above) I lost my mind!..dude is on some other s***, kind of creative with that “get-up” of his though..his flow?..like Lil B and Kreayshawn had a baby and made Gucci Mane the Godfather..he’s definitely not the most lyrical rapper out but with the s*** that exist today I could see him blowing up..(Never hated on a young black dude making money..even if he can’t rap)..but anyways I hope you’re as entertained as I was when I saw this..and if you like dudes music then click the mixtape cover above and check out “Dont Be S.A.F.E” By Trinidad James..enjoy Syndicate Rap Radio!..#PERSONALOPINION…this n**** here!..lmao..this dudes’ funny…str8 comedy