This weeks’ soundscan came back and it shows that Kendrick Lamar has the #2 album in the country..(#1 Hip Hop/Rap Album)…congratulations to the TDE/Aftermath/Interscope Records Titan, Kendrick Lamar..the dude dropped a F’N #AWESOME album, Syndicate Rap Radio! will premier a review on the record soon..for now Kendrick thanked his listeners with a newly recorded track entitled “The Jig is up (Dump’n)” produced by his buddy J. Cole..on the record Kendrick goes off on another scale; delivering that good ol’ #GANGSTA s***…and even responded to Shyne’s comment toward his album..listen to this #DOPE s*** and stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!… n**** aL put me on to this track..this one is #STR8DROP..