Earl Sweatshirt is finally ready to give his listeners what they’ve been asking for…He’s hit his twitter recently to let his followers know that he’ll be dropping 2 albums entiltled “Doris” and “Gnossos” in 2013…already starting a separate label from his buddy Tyler’s Odd Future Records and making beats for his idol MF Doom; he’s broken out and released the 1st single from the “Doris”album (No release date on the album yet) but the video for his single below “Chum” is a real mellow-like confession on where life has brought him up to now…the 18 year-old rapper will be making his mark in 2013…Syndicate Rap Radio! applauds OF’s work and will be reporting more on the collective bunch…for now check out the new video below by Earl Sweatshirt on Syndicate Rap Radio!..#PERSONALOPINION…this kids f’n #DOPE…i said it back when i heard him and OF’s music (at first i wasn’t f***in’ wit it) but it was my homie Shaq Frost that put me on to some shit…they’re a little misguided but they can spit…and i think that it’s appreciated by listeners of my area..#REALTALK