Well, next week A$AP Rocky will dish out his debut album to the world…Above is the video to the title track to his “LONG.LIVE.A$AP”…the video is an “Eerie” & “Unusual” setting for most artist like A$AP..but with the current support from the “Fashion world”, Opening up for Rihanna, and maintaining his music buzz; He’s shaping out to be an Alternative artist..which may set him apart from other rappers..and on that note we’d like to say..the video’s f’n #DOPE…it was shot by A$AP and his “Goldie” collaborator Samantha Lecca..they did a good job with this one..be on the look out for the debut album from A$AP Rocky entitled” LONG.LIVE.A$AP” due out on January 15th (New reports say the 21st..it’s coming out on one of those days) but anyways, Stay Tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!…#PERSONALOPINION..people already saying the albums’ #NICCEE..but my n**** A$AP need to stop rockin’ them skirts/Kilt…we not feeling dat s***..and Kanye too