Gucci tries waka

Well it seems like Gucci Mane is back on his rampage…he hit Twitter a couple of days ago to let the world know that he is dropping Waka Flocka Flame from his Label, Brick Squad 1017…the post is above…it’s stired quite a confusion…based on the statement Alantic & Warner Bros. (Their Distributors) made a statement that Gucci Mane’s Twitter was hacked and that the announcement is false..MTV reported how Waka wasn’t buying the whole situation…responded on Twitter by saying “Somebody tell Gucci Mane to Suck a Dick”…Syndicate Rap Radio!’s take on it is that Gucci is #DEAD serious and the label is just tryin’ to clean it up due to everyone contractual agreement..too much pesos to loose…well stay tuned for more craziness on Syndicate Rap Radio!..