We at Syndicate Rap Radio! are all about the many forms of art that the world have to offer, but lately some of our favorite artists have been dropping projects that have a “Demonic” type of feel…i hope it’s all hype…anyways…Cole is ready to release his sophomore album…this time around, The Roc Nation Golden-child is scheduled to drop the album on June 18th…His lead single “Power Trip” featuring Miguel is doing pretty good as far as numbers go…I guess we can expect this to be a promising piece from Cole…check out the two mixtapes he released below…and stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!…#PERSONALOPINON..we’ll be grading this album as well as the last mixtape “Truely Yours 2“..


J. Cole – Truely Yours (Mixtape)

J. Cole – Truely Yours 2 (Mixtape)