2 Chainz is back with his new single “Feds Watching” featuring the Neptune Negro, Pharrell…We dropped this cut a month or two ago but since The BET Awards it’s gained an appropriate introduction to the public…This is the 1st single off 2 Chainz sophomore album “B.O.A.T.S II: Me Too” (That stands for Based On A T.R.U. Story II)…The Visuals are #STR8…kinda entertaining with that “clown” s*** he be on..The videos’ got some exotic looking women and a California Hill home for the setting..the views nice, and we applaud the double-chained rapper on the selection of women used for the shoot…we don’t see enough appreciation for #OUR women…anyways…the album drops on September 10th…check out 2Chainz and Pharrell choppin’ it up and stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!…#PERSONALOPINION…that dude looked like Rick James at the BET Awards with that jacket on..#HA!..I like the song, though…could of put it as a FILLER! but we choose not to..