Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa is rolling out the carpet for his new album that is set to release later this year/ top of next year…The new collection of music he’s releasing is called “Blacc Hollywood“…Wiz spoke with XXL Magazine last month explaining his new album title and the meaning behind it..Wiz said “It’s something that’s been needed to happen. But we got the right song and it’s the right moment so, it’s gone be big.”..and he went to explain saying “It just represents the lifestyle. Not really like Black people in Hollywood, but just like Black attitude. Not giving a ‘F’ about anything. It’s like just blacking out on the world. We’re bringing that to Hollywood.”…Well we expect the TGOD General to deliver on his 5th studio album (the first two didn’t make quota, but Rolling Papers did…causing folks to think the rapper got his start from Black & Yellow…#WRONG..he’s been out since 06)…anyways, check out the new Single from “Blacc Hollywood” entitled “Look Into My Eyes“…we posted it below, stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!..