album-review Magna Carta

After almost of two-months of carefully listening to this album, I’m glad to say it is an album that was worth my time…Hov delivered one hell of an album ladies & gentlemen…back when we reported the release, we did not expect the catalog that he dropped to be diverse in a time where a lot of music is similar to the next due to the interest of the majority…Jay brought the flow From the intro “Holy Grail” with JT to the Street-themed, Ross assisted “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt“; and even Inspirational-rhythmic tracks like “Heaven” &”Crown“…this won Jay Z’s “MGHC” a 4.8 Gold Tape rating with SRR!…if you haven’t heard the album yet, you must live under a rock…anyways, check out the new “Holy Grail” video HERE and check for our post on it next week..and stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!..