Above is the cover to Pusha T’s 1st solo album entitled “My Name is My Name”…Earlier this year Pusha dropped the 1st single off the album entitled “Numbers On the Board“…the single got mixed reviews and some of Pusha’s fans (Via Twitter) were concerned about his home label (GOOD/Def Jam) promoting the album properly..but regardless of the “No Support” that people claim to Pusha’s new album, He still moves forward for the October 8th release…recently Pusha & Friends had a listening party in NYC and Kanye went on another one of his “Rants” promoting his G.O.O.D Music artist..check out Kanye going “Ape Shit” and below that is Pusha’s new single “Sweet Serenade” featuring Chris Brown…we’ll post the video when it drops..Stay tuned and stick around for more Syndicate Rap Radio!…#PERSONALOPINION…I hope Push deliver on this one…can’t front, I thought dude was nice since “Grindin“…hope his album reflects that..