Busta’s been over at Cash Money for almost 2 years now and aside from his free album released last year, and the promotional touring; he’s yet to release a retail album thru the label…talks of the sequel album to 1998’s “E.L.E (Extention Level Event: The Final World Front)” ..(forgot how long that title was)..anyways, I’m glad to report that another one of my favorite albums is officially getting a sequel..They’ve spoken about it for over a year; but now it’s official..check out the Trailer above for “E.L.E.2” and the video below is the 1st single…it was shot at the club in Brooklyn called Pules 48 Yard…this is the 1st single off “E.L.E.2” entitled “Twerk It” and it features Nicki Minaj and Reggae artist Tosh…check out the latest and stay tuned…#PERSONALOPINION…N***** need another #GOOD Busta album…he said he’s gonna be battling Eminem on the album and the album will have a track that features Lil Wayne, himself, Kanye, and Q-Tip showing the unity between YMCMB and G.O.O.D Music since the problems between the camps..