Last Week I took a trip to the popular media-outlet,…during my page surfin’ I noticed a video interview between a few Hot 97 Dj’s and Dj Khaled…but the interesting point in this whole interview is between two old friends; Dj  Chipa Sounds and Dj Khaled…Even though Cipha is a piece of shit for that comment he made about Haitian women a while back; he did make a valid point in Khaled being one as well…the direct comment toward Khaled was steamed from how he has often stressed in his music lately (ad-libing and co-writing the Chorus to “No New Friends“) where he says that he’s been down with his “Day One N****s“…well if that’s true, where’s Cipha’s position at We The Best Music Group?..Cipha is defiantly a “Day One N****” based on their past affiliations through Terror Squad and Big Dawg Pitbulls…once upon a time these guys were mixed in the same camp of DJ’s…way back..we’re talking about Big Pun era…that was a while ago..being closely knit in business and having a prior friendship you can imagine Cipha could not have shared some of that success with Khaled (Maybe Cipha f***ed that up for himself..possible)…so with that being said the premise of this post raises a question…Should the people who have struggled with you succeed with you as well?..or does it all boil down to someone’s determination and what they really want out of life..maybe it’s all in ones work ethic….what do you think?…check out the interview below and the funny part where Cipha calls Khaled a piece of shit to his face is 2 MINUTES AND 10 SECONDS INTO THE Video below..Stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!..#PERSONALOPINION…Cipha has been a success as a Dj, A&R, former Roc-La-Famila VP and becoming one of MTV and New York’s well known Disk Jockeys…but he’s still a piece of shit for that comment a while back though..