*UPDATE: T.I. will not be releasing “Trouble Man II“…the new project will have a different title

The Hustle Gang General has been a free agent since the release of his last album “Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head“…Since then he’s been boosting his success by staying active with features, releasing a compilation project, promoting his renovated label Grand Hustle Records, Maintaining his Reality Star image, etc..with all that invested in his brand; T.I. has subject himself to be a victim of the dreaded “360 Deal” that the major record labels are dishing out these days…but in actuality T.I. had a trick up his sleeve…He met and signed with Columbia Records recently (according to MTV)..one thing that struck as a smart move for his new deal was the amount he was asking for during previous press interviews regarding his signature on a new contract…he’s been stating to the press that he wants 75 Million upfront in cash to sign a slavery deal…Columbia may have given that up according to other popular media outlets…Congratulations to T.I. and Grand Hustle Records on their major cash in…stay tuned for more info on the situation..and look out for “Trouble Man 2: He Who Wears The Crown” out 2014 via Grand Hustle/ Columbia Records…Syndicate Rap Radio!..still posting what you like to read..