Never thought I’d see the Day where The G-Unit General would depart from his deal at Shady/Aftermath/Interscope…being that the riff is really with Jimmy Iovine and how he’s been handling 50’s last two albums…50 admittedly owed Interscope one more album in his contract..but being the cash-cow he is; we can bet that he paid out his last album (Similar to Jay Z with Blueprint 3) and relocated to  Caroline Records (an Independent division of Capitol & Universal)…The new album “Animal Ambition” is due out in June 3rd on Caroline/Capitol/UMG…Stay Tuned for more…#PERSONALOPINION…Damn!..s*** done changed…I remember when I bought that XXL Issue in high school…I still fucks wit Fif, tho…check out the crazy shit he said to Jimmy Iovine back in 07-08..I use to have this on replay..