50 and The Unit strike again..with recent promo concerts, new music videos, and heavy studio sessions; G-Unit is back with an official album for their fans…only thing different about the clique is that Interscope aint backing them anymore (hints the title of the project)..The Unit dropped this collection of music via ITunes on some secret s*** last night…lets see if 50 and the boys still got it, its been about 8 years…listen to the new album by The Unit and stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!


Prue THC: The Hustle Continues” is the title of Juicy J’s next solo album…no release date on it yet but we can expect it by this fall or early spring ’15…for now enjoy the new Juicy song “Low” featuring Homo-Rapper Young Thug, Nicki Minaj, and the new kid on the block Lil Bibby..This is a #RAW juicy song but it made our FILLER! category due to Young Thug featuring..we don’t promote feminizing the urban-male in the U-S-of-A..hope you guys understand; if not..feel free to drop a comment and keep it locked in on more SRR!


The title of the song says it all…this Video shot by Colin Tilley is a nice composition of footage that depicts Wayne as a Nutty,Screw-Loose type of guy stuck in an asylum…The Young Money’s General is ready to drop his 5th installment to the Carter series; and from what we hear is that Carter V is due out October 28…stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio! and check the album cover out below..plenty more coming up..

carter-v (1)

Never really heard of Rustie, but from the research I’ve gather he is a Electronic-Hip Hop Producer that drives from Scotland…and Rustie is dropping his sophomore effort later this month entitled “Green Language“…I believe this is a single from the Project and it features that Dirty Detroit N****, Danny Brown…check out the funky tune from the Rustie and Danny and Stay Tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!

Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & TY Dolla Sign teamed up to drop our new FILLER! entry…this is the theme song for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that came out this last weekend…I’ve been a fan of TMNT before I had hair on my nuts..the tracks #OK..kinda corny, but it was a good theme song for the film…the track was produced by Kill The Noise and up & coming artist Madsonik on the chorus…stay tuned for more Syndicate Rap Radio!

Below is a short film written and directed by Rik Cordero…It stars Famed Brooklyn MC, Joey Bada$$…Joey is the main character and does a little bit of time traveling to discover if he had any regrets in his life…it’s interesting to see a new short that caught my attention (hard thing to do) Shout out to Rik for the short…Enjoy Syndicate Rap Radio!

September 2nd we can expect Snowman to drop his 5th Studio Album..It’s entitled “Seen It All“…the 1st single off the album is the video posted above..”Me Ok” is the albums official street single…a couple of cameos..I think I seen Plies, Rich Homie QuanDJ Holiday, and a few more folks..the video was shot by Motion Family…tune in and check out more Syndicate Rap Radio!..